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About Fantasy Donkeys

When you invite Fantasy Donkeys to your party or event, you can be confident that your event will be a one-of-a kind, customized experience for you and your guests.

At Fantasy Donkeys, every client is special. You will be thrilled with the Fantasy experience. We care about the client’s needs and happiness and go the extra mile to make sure your Fantasy Donkeys experience is memorable.

Fantasy Donkeys love attending festivals, parties, wedding showers and weddings – practically any event where they can show off their outfits and get lots of attention. They are professionally trained and groomed, love children as well as seniors, and are sweetly calm tempered…nothing surprises them.

Kim and David Fusan

We are David & Kim Fuson, owners and proprietors of Fantasy Donkeys and LTA Registered Miniature Donkeys, LLC.

Every breeder does something different with their donkeys. Some share the events and shows, driving or parades. It is the common bond between all of us who love and proudly own miniature donkeys.

Our donkeys are like family…truly they get the best treatment possible. We believe lots of love and hugs breeds happy donkeys! The focus of our farm is to breed outstanding, colorful and happy miniature donkeys. Thus, we bring to you, top of the line entertainment for every occasion.

We also breed and sell our miniature donkeys! They make great companions. Contact us to learn more!

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